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The above image is of a cop mocking the protestors.
The day we began to fear the armed men and women who vowed to protect us, was the day our country failed us.
This isn’t freedom. This is fear. 



Christopher Dorner’s manifesto
tl;dr supposed police paladin in the LAPD gets fired, his life ruined by the LAPD for reporting police brutality and other LAPD corruption including people being involved in the rodney king thing now in positions of seniority. Declares asymmetrical warfare on the LAPD, suspected in 3 police slayings and now Los Angeles citizens are being told to avoid the police - by the police.
Basically he’s gone INNAWOODS MODE, is aware of all LAPD strategies and is trying to kill all the crooked police in Los Angeles in and off duty. He is unafraid of death and expects it.
“I am a walking exigent circumstance with no OFF or reset button.”

A TRUE AMERICAN HERO…”dont tread on me”


*white person shoots up movie theater* oh he probably maybe had a mental disorder and rough childhood, i feel bad for him we should have seen the signs and gotten him help….

*black person gets shot unarmed* oh he probably was walking around like a gangster thug, i want a full toxicology report and i’m def gonna ignore the eye witness accounts of the incident because they are all…you know…black…and probably biased and lying.

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in America, black people are being gunned down simply for being alive, gay people can’t get married/can’t get jobs, politicians say women are asking for rape, trans people are being murdered every day, Middle Easterns are suspected to be terrorists, white men are defended for shooting up schools, teenage boys are building bombs to murder family and schoolmates and yet people still have the audacity to say this is the land of the free

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I heard this on the radio. Mike Brown was a kid who didn’t want to play football, even though he had the body for it. When asked why, he told his friends that he didn’t want to hit anybody.

This is the child that they’re going to paint as a thug. 

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We at Howard University stand in solidarity with Ferguson.
Even our innocence is threatening.